2 comments on “Tip-Top-Tails-dog-training (1)

  1. Sarah Bleeker on

    My niece has a 6 month chocolate lab that needs a little calming down .they have a newborn and want to make sure aloha moon doesn’t jump on her..also needs some help with putting on a harness..going to look at classes as well..hope all is well?
    Sarah Bleeker

  2. Peterson Joyce on

    I have a nine month old mix. He look like lab. He’s a rescue dog I got from him mate at Van Humane Society. He’s very very hyper. He’s a good dog he likes to run around a lot and wrestle with my Chihuahua and she doesn’t like that. She’s a little older. I’ve been trying putting it on a leash to restrict him but he’s chewing on it he’s been responding to some commands we can get him to sit down. We can get him to lay down, but we can’t get him to go lay down and stay without messing with the Chihuahua, can you please help with desperate? I appreciate you getting back with us. Thank you.


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