Puppies are a lot of fun – and a lot of work! Get help with housetraining, good manners, and socialization in our small group classes. Want more help? Check out our Puppy Day School drop-off day training program.

Jump start your pup’s training with our free puppy handouts and check out our tips for socialization during this challenging time.


This is a beginner level class for puppies up to six months old and up to 40 pounds (toy breed puppies under one year old also are welcome in this class). Enjoy having a puppy who listens to you, sits instead of jumping, and who is confident around new people, sights, and sounds. Get a handle on puppy mouthing and housetraining, and set the foundation for a pup that walks nicely on leash and comes when called. And of course we’ll include some puppy play time for building social skills while having fun!

Tweener Dog

This is an intermediate level class for pups six to twelve months old who have completed a Puppy class or have comparable foundation training. (Beginners should choose Basic Manners instead.)  Your adorable baby puppy has turned into a teenager who doesn’t listen and gets distracted by everything. Take our survival course for the “terrible tweens” and learn to like your dog again. Teach your dog to pay attention and stay calm even around new people and dogs, and continue to build skills like walking nicely on leash, holding a stay at the door, and coming when called.

Family Dog (South Haven)

This is a beginner/intermediate level class for pups and dogs six months old and up that are over 40 pounds (smaller pups should choose Puppy).  Set the foundation for a dog that pays attention to you, sits for petting, has a reliable stay, and can handle distractions.  Spring/summer classes will also include outdoor practice on leash walking and coming when called.

Topics classes and workshops for Puppies

Want extra practice on a specific skill like leash walking, coming when called, sitting for petting, or stay? Check out our topics classes and workshops here.