Enjoy having a puppy who listens to you, sits instead of jumping, can settle quietly on a bed or in a crate, and who is confident around new people, sights, and sounds. Get a handle on puppy mouthing and housetraining, and set the foundation for a pup that walks nicely on leash and comes when called. And of course we’ll include puppy play time for building social skills while having fun! Open to puppies up to six months old and up to 40 pounds (toy breed puppies under one year old are welcome in this class).

Tweener Dog

Your adorable baby puppy has turned into a teenager who doesn’t listen and gets distracted by everything. Take our survival course for the “terrible tweens” and learn to like your dog again. Teach your dog to pay attention and stay calm even around new people and dogs, and continue to build skills like walking nicely on leash, holding a stay at the door, and coming when called. Open to pups from six to twelve months old.

Family Dog Challenge (beginner/intermediate)

For beginner to intermediate dogs of any age.  Practice good manners through fun and games!  Can you walk your dog while carrying a cup of coffee?  Have your dog stay while you open the door or eat a snack?  Ask your dog to ignore a tempting item on the ground?  Yes you can!

Workshops for Puppies

Want extra practice on a specific skill like leash walking, coming when called, or sitting for petting? Check out our single topic workshops here. Most workshops meet one time for one hour.