Is your puppy wearing you out?

Puppies are … a lot.  Sure, they’re cute, and that puppy breath is delicious. But it can be overwhelming to deal with potty training, jumping up, and mouthing. Maybe you want your puppy to stop chewing everything, come when called, and quit dragging you down the street.  And maybe you’re struggling to find time to exercise your pup and socialize them to new people, dogs and experiences.

You can try to do it all yourself … or you can let us help!

Puppy Day School is the answer for busy puppy parents.

Our innovative drop-off program provides immersive, customized training and socialization experiences for puppies.

Puppy Day School is for pups under six months old and under 40 pounds at the start date.  Toy breed pups up to one year old are also welcome, if spayed or neutered.  Each school day includes play time, manners training, potty training, crate training, and socialization experiences to build confidence.

What You Get

Before school starts, we schedule a one hour lesson with you and your pup, to make your life easier from day one.

During the school session, you get regular reports and video highlights, written handouts, and a copy of The Puppy Primer book by Patricia McConnell, PhD.

At the end of the school session, our puppy parent-teacher conference provides in-person coaching to ensure that training transfers to you at home.


School tuition is $1,850 and includes:

  • one hour pre-enrollment consultation and lesson
  • eight days of school
  • end of session parent-teacher conference
  • written handouts
  • The Puppy Primer book by Patricia McConnell, PhD.
  • exclusive access to our Back to School program for follow-up training

Please review our policies including payment and vaccination requirements. Professional discount available; please contact us for details.

Your pup will come home happy, well behaved and sleepy!

Puppy Day School students benefit from:

  • Individual training sessions on good manners skills like sit for petting/no jumping, loose leash walking, stay, come here, leave it and drop it
  • Supervised small group play time with puppies and puppy-friendly adult dogs for exercise and to build social skills
  • Handling and socialization experiences to build confidence and make groomer/vet visits easier
  • Outings to safe, pet-friendly locations for socialization and real world training practice
  • Potty breaks to develop good housetraining habits
  • Chill sessions to teach your pup to relax in a crate


School is held at our training facility at The Knoll, 1030 S. 8th Street, Kalamazoo. Kalamazoo area students in need of pet taxi service can contact Tami at Creatures Pet Care at 269.686.6004. South Haven area students can utilize our free shuttle service; please contact us for details.

Your pup is taught by professional dog trainers, using only gentle, reward-based methods, to ensure that your pup learns effectively while forming positive associations with training and socialization experiences.