Calling all canine superheroes! Can your dog leap a tall building in a single bound? Does your dog have a little extra energy to burn off? Channel your dog’s energy and athleticism with agility training. We keep it fun, safe, and easy!

Disc & Tricks

Disc dogging is a great way to have fun, build impulse control, and show off your super cool dog.  Come on out and play!

Earn bragging rights (and maybe a title or two) with trick training.  Tricks are perfect for building focus and staving off cabin fever, plus they’re just plain fun!

beagle nosework tire


Does your dog love to sniff? Put your Sherlock Bones to work finding hidden target scents. Prepare to be amazed as you learn to encourage your dog’s natural instincts and drive to search. Each dog searches individually, so shy dogs are welcome.

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Obedience & Conformation

Get performance ready with our friendly, reward-based classes and workshops on obedience, rally and conformation.  Learn to calm your nerves, have fun, build skills, and show off your dog to their best advantage.

Super Dog 1 Dog Sport Foundations

Versatility is the name of the game as we build focus and precision through targeting and platform training, scent work and retrieving, and jump wrapping. Learn tons of new skills for everyday life (perfect heeling, anyone?) and for dog sports like agility, obedience, rally, and trick training. Open to dogs of any age and skill level. Experienced teams will get more challenges to keep the fun going.

Puppy Agility Fun and Adult Agility Fun (beginner)

Agility fun starts here!  Come try out agility and introduce your pup to obstacles like jumps, tunnels, and contacts to build confidence and lay the foundation for future agility training.  Focus is on fun and safety, with some basic handling skills included.  Open to puppies and dogs of any age; jumps are kept low for dogs under one year old and seniors.  Dogs should be friendly to other dogs and people.

Trick Dog

Unleash your dog’s inner Pet Star by learning a variety of fun tricks! Open to dogs six months and up of any skill level. Dogs should be friendly to other dogs and people.

Dock Jumping

If your dog thinks water and toys are the best things ever, check out our workshops and classes on Dock Jumping and Intro to Water and Retrieving.  Open to dogs six months and up. Dogs should be friendly to other dogs and people.

Intro to Disc Dog (Frisbee)

You’ll have the coolest dog in town when you show off your frisbee skills. Build your dog’s drive and interest in the disc, learn how to throw for success, and, as an added bonus, get better impulse control!  Open to dogs six months and up of any skill level. Dogs should be friendly to other dogs and people.

Rally Obedience

Improve your leash walking and stay skills by navigating rally course sequences. No boring drills here! This intermediate class is open to dogs who know how to sit, lay down, walk on a loose leash, and come when called. You will learn the skills to complete the different rally signs and transition from station to station. We also have an advanced class, with less emphasis on learning the rally signs, that includes different rally courses and provides a trial-like experience.

Competition Ring Prep

Happy with how your training has been going and thinking of moving to the ring?  This is the class for you!  We will review everything from rules to ring entrances and exits and everything in between.  Be prepared to work on yourself with timing and cues for the dog as well as working on the “other side” where you will practice calling out patterns and reviewing your peers to make this class as close to the actual ring experience as we can.

Intro to Nosework (beginner)

In this class you and your dog will be introduced to the sport of nosework.  Your dog will learn to work independently from you, gain confidence and above all have fun finding hidden scents.

Continuing Nose Work (Intro to Odor)

Your dog will love solving new sniffing puzzles, including searching different containers, building exteriors, and vehicle exteriors. Recommended for dogs who have completed Nosework 1 or have equivalent scent training.

Nosework Drop In

This is a drop-in class for dogs already on odor who want to practice specific skills and/or elements. $10 per night, registration required.

Find Me! Intro to Handler Discrimination

This mini class will focus on teaching your dog to find your scent on a glove or sock!  Whether you want to entertain your friends or are showing in UKC or AKC, Handler Discrimination is a fun journey for you and your dog.  Open to dogs of all ages and skill levels.

Conformation Workshop

This workshop is for anyone interested in showing your dog in conformation (evaluating the dog’s overall appearance and structure).  We will cover the basics of stacking, attention, gaiting, and getting comfortable with being examined and handled by a judge.  Workshop meets one time for one hour.