Our Pet Tech™ Pet First Aid & CPR classes are perfect for pet owners who want to be prepared in case of an emergency. Learn to recognize the signs of a problem and what to do to help your pet.  You just might save your pet’s life.

Next class: Sunday April 14 from 12-5 pm at The Knoll, 1030 S. 8th St., Kalamazoo. Register here.

Classes are taught by Certified Pet Tech Instructor Matt Elvin (CPTI #2070) using lecture, demonstration and hands-on skill practice.  Class includes a handbook, and each participant will receive a certificate upon successful completion.

Our five hour Pet First Aid & CPR class includes:

  • How to help your pet in a medical emergency
  • Pet CPR
  • Rescue breathing
  • ABCs of pet first aid
  • Assessing your pet’s vitals
  • Snout-to-Tail assessment
  • How to put together your own pet first aid kit

Our eight hour Pet Saver class includes:

  • The material covered in the five hour class, plus
  • Dental care
  • Caring for your senior pet
  • Additional hands-on skill practice

Contact us for info on our upcoming Pet First Aid & CPR classes.