How does online training work?

Online training gives you the same expert instruction you love without leaving home!

Online classes are taught using step-by-step video instruction.  You can train on your schedule and don’t need to commit to a set day and time.  You can learn without worrying about what your dog is doing, rewind as many times as you like, and practice in the privacy of your own home and yard.

Written handouts (where applicable) will support your video instruction.

Your instructor will answer your questions via Facebook group or Zoom chat.  You can upload short videos for feedback as well.  And of course, you can e-mail or call your instructor any time.

Individual online lessons also are available for manners training and behavior issues.  Contact us for more info.

Here's what you need:

  • computer or laptop with webcam, or smartphone or tablet
  • internet connection
  • we use free, easy-to-use Zoom video chat software
  • we provide short, clear tutorials on using Zoom and YouTube to maximize your online learning