Adult Beginner

For beginner dogs six months old and up.  This introductory good manners class covers sit and down, stay, loose leash walking, coming when called, greeting people and dogs, and leave it/drop it.  This is a perfect starting point for teams working towards the SPOT (Socialized Pet Obedience Test) or CGC (Canine Good Citizen test).

Family Dog Manners-Fennville (beginner/intermediate)

For beginner to intermediate dogs six months old and up. Does your best friend jump on everyone, drag you on walks, or try to bolt out the door?  This class is for dogs who aspire to calmly greet people, walk in a civilized manner, come when called, and hold a stay when the UPS driver arrives.

Tweener Dog (intermediate)

For pups six to twelve months old who have taken a puppy class or had equivalent training at home.  Your adorable baby puppy has turned into a teenager who doesn’t listen and gets distracted by everything.  Take our survival course for the “terrible tweens” and learn to like your dog again.  Teach your dog to pay attention and stay calm even around new people and dogs, and continue to build skills like walking nicely on leash, holding a stay at the door, and coming when called.

Beyond the Backyard (intermediate)

Teach your dog to listen anywhere, even with distractions present. This intermediate level class is open to dogs one year old and up that can perform basic behaviors such as sit, stay, come, and loose leash walking with treats.  Dogs should be friendly to other dogs and people and should not have resource guarding issues.

On the Town Field Trip (intermediate/advanced)

Feel proud of your dog who can sit for petting without jumping up, walk calmly through a store, hold a stay while you chat or shop, and resist the urge to shoplift tempting items.  We will meet at a different dog-friendly location each week for real world training practice.  Open to dogs of any age who have completed a puppy training class or adult dog training class. Dogs should be comfortable around new people and dogs.

jump stops here

Grooming and Handling workshop

Is it a struggle to trim your dog’s nails or give your dog a bath? Learn positive handling techniques that will make grooming easier for everyone. This workshop is open to dogs of any age who are friendly to people. Workshop meets one time for one hour.

Stay Focused workshop

Be the envy of your friends and family when you show off your dog’s power to stay and focus even when distractions are present. Open to dogs of any age and skill level. Workshop meets one time for one hour.

Adult Intermediate-House Manners

Does your dog steal socks and bolt out the door?  This intermediate level class is for dogs six months and up who need practice on good manners around the house.  Skills covered include sit and down with distance, stay at doors, go to bed/go to crate, leave it/drop it, and coming when called.

Adult Intermediate-Public Manners

Does your dog struggle with distractions in the real world? This intermediate level class is for dogs six months and up who need practice behaving calmly in public.  Skills covered include greeting people and dogs, leave it/drop it, loose leash walking with turns, walking past dogs and people, stay with distractions, and coming when called.

Adult Advanced-Canine Good Citizen Prep

This advanced class is for dogs who want to continue refining their manners skills or who are preparing for Canine Good Citizen or pet therapy testing. Skills practiced include sit/stay for petting, distance stay, heel with turns and distractions, heel and stay near another dog, coming when called with distance, the supervised separation exercise, and the appearance and grooming exercise. Click here for more info on the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen Program.

Reactive Rover

Does your dog bark, lunge or otherwise react at other dogs or people on walks? This class will teach you the skills to handle these situations and to help your dog feel safer and behave more calmly around new dogs. Class fee includes an individual lesson before class starts so we can assess your dog’s needs and help you and your dog succeed.  Please contact us to get started.


Leave It and Drop It workshop

Leave it and drop it are important safety cues that every dog should know.  We will show you how to teach your dog to ignore “forbidden” items, and what to do if your dog gives into temptation and picks up a “forbidden” item. Workshop meets one time for one hour.

Jump Stops Here workshop

If your dog jumps on everyone, this workshop is for you! Teach your dog how to sit and stay calm when being petted. Open to dogs of any age and skill level. Workshop meets one time for one hour.

Fireworks and Thunderstorms workshop

Boom! Does your dog react to fireworks and thunderstorms? Come learn some strategies for helping your dog cope with these summertime noises. Workshop is for people only (no dogs) and meets one time for one hour.